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The Future: April 2024 Issue

ISSN 2753-3670

The Future is a newsletter periodically published by The Future Institute from Marlyon Road, Ilford, United Kingdom. This newsletter aims to chronicle the major events and developments in the societies of the emerging nations with the potential of impacting their future. This publication offers snippets of news analysis that might be advantageous to the academics, policymakers, social and political workers, students and various organisations.

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Mission and Vision

The Future Institute is a unique initiative that conducts international research and consultancy work to promote future’s literacy with a particular focus on marginalised people and Muslim communities and societies.

The current geopolitical climate across the Muslim world and “South” more generally requires thought leadership from within their own traditions that can successfully chart a way forward on issues of politics, economics, society and technology that espouse critical thinking, an ethical imagination and preferred de-colonised futures.

The expansion of the work of the Future Institute to include research on global trends affecting Muslim majority societies and diaspora communities; training and equipping of local and regional policy makers across the Muslim world in futures thinking and providing insightful and practical policy recommendations to global actors is now not only possible, but essential.


The Future Institute has three objectives: to conduct research and to further the theoretical understanding of post-normal times we live in, train a generation of policy makers and influencers to apply futures tools to policy issues and to develop policy recommendations that chart preferred futures for marginalised communities and Muslim societies.


The Future Institute is governed by an international Board of Advisors. The Advisors are carefully selected so that they are able to provide competent oversight with regards to the organisation’s values, vision, mission, strategy and delivery plan; legal and charitable compliance; finances and financial sustainability; and the reputational health of the organisation. The Board meets at least once a year, and where possible or required twice a year.

Initially, The Future Institute looks to expand its operations from London, phasing in centres in Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul, Islamabad and Washington to increase regional depth of knowledge and global insight.

The current operating model of The Future Institute is being utilised and enhanced to the following organisational structure:

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