BANGLADESH IN 21st CENTURY: A call for an all-inclusive national revival

By Dr M Abdul Bari, 17/10/2023

Bangladesh, a historical land of over 170 million people compacted into a small landmass, was paralysed by 190 years of British colonial humiliation. Sadly, after a brief period of post-colonial Pakistani political-economic domination, the country has entered a new phase of Indian intellectual-cultural domination. While the country has recently made good economic progress, its otherwise resilient population is experiencing despondency due to its deeply divided politics and a litany of corruption and moral breakdown. It is now time for Bangladeshis to stand on their own feet with an all-round intellectual, cultural, moral and spiritual revival or ‘Renaissance’. The country desperately needs leaders of positive change from all sectors of life to restore its dignified position in the global community.

Has Erdogan's dis-interest in traditional banking logic gone bust?

By Ibrahim Dayyan, 08/01/2022

Coronavirus shutdowns around the world pushed countries into crisis mode. Amid the death and destruction of lives, jobs and business, governments to tackle these issues cut down traditional economic thought with an unprecedented rescue spend . This effort to soften the blow from what’s expected to be the worst economic freefall since the great depression has already seen over $10 trillion injected into nations across the globe, leaving economists scratching their heads, attempting to predict the unpredictable...